Batta Web

Here at Batta Signs and Designs, we offer a wide range of Web design.

Our Web packages start from $585 for a single page HTML webpage. However, your website can be custom built, using complex Flash interactive, to all your specifications.

How does our Web Design work?

Send us an email with a descriptive brief on what you would like, details you can include to help us get your design rolling are:

– A couple of paragraphs about your business.
– Describe your company in 5-10 words.
– Aim/purpose of your website?
– Your target audience?
– List some websites you like (2-5 sites)
– Do you already have a logo?
– Do you require images or do you have some?
– Do you have text ready to go on the website?
– Will maintenance be required after?

Please keep in mind we DO NOT supply hosting but we can help you find a reliable

Contact us

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